CLIL Lesson at Archaeological Museum

Last Tuesday on 28th March 2017 my CLIL classmates and I had the opportunity to have a different kind of History lesson, in English, at the Archaeological Museum of Frosinone. We started our visit at 9.30 by watching a power point video about Pre-historic huts prepared by our guide, Natascia Zangrilli. Afterwards we had a hands on experience where we tried to make our own small vases with clay. It was really enjoyable to go back in time and play with clay! The museum is composed of three principal rooms: The Pre-historic Period, The Archaic Period and The Roman Period. Our guide showed us all the findings in each room: they date back to many decades before Christ, so they are very important and prove that our territory has been populated since the Pre-historic times. Moreover, evidence tells us that Frosinone and the area of Ciociaria was inhabited by the Volsci. The museum also has a wide collection of coins from the Roman Age, which were collected by Vittorio Palermo and donated to the museum by his sons. All the students unanimously affirmed that the “lesson” at the museum was very interesting and captivating. Our guide managed to explain everything about the history of our region very clearly, even though English isn’t our first language. It was very easy to pay attention and to understand her explanations. The were three teachers who accompanied us were: the History teachers Mrs. Leonardis and Mrs. de Mattia, and the English teacher Mrs. De Cicco. This visit was organized in order to have a real approach with the history of our region, and this lesson was an occasion to try a different learning experience. I must say it worked with us! Here there are some of the students’ thoughts after the visit at the museum: Elisa-“ I liked the experience because it was interesting and I had never been here before. I enjoyed discovering new things about the history of Frosinone.” Luca-“ I liked the visit because I like History and this type of lesson is my favourite. I found the statues, like the head of the child, and the vases, very interesting. Although the museum is quite small, I liked it. I had been here before, but I didn’t remember much from my first visit.” Francesca- “Today was a different school day. I didn’t even know there was a museum in Frosinone, but it was good to discover about it.” Mattia-“ Clay manipulation was my favourite part of the visit. It was interesting to discover about the history of Frosinone; I must say I paid more attention today than when I am in class, because by looking at the things we study makes the lesson fascinating.” So, the experience at the museum of Frosinone was a great way to celebrate the end of the CLIL course regarding History (even if the course “I CLIL AND YOU?         “ hasn’t finished yet, I’m sure we’re going to miss it!). It was a great day and a special thankS goes to our teachers, who decided to organize the visit, and to our guide Natascia Zangrilli. She’s a very young but an experienced guide, and we enjoyed the visit due to her explanations and kindness. Finally, I must say I found the lesson at the museum very amusing and I hope there will be other occasions in the future. HISTORY+ENGLISH=GREAT EXPERIENCE OF LEARNING!

Giulia Maragoni - 1° A